If you follow any kind of beauty routine, you have probably noticed that these routines tend to include more and more products as we age. They often include cleansing gels, tonics, moisturizing day and night creams, serums and creams specific for the eye contour, to name a few. Theoretically, each of these products has a certain cosmetic function and cannot be substituted by any of the others.

However, the growing variety of “indispensable” products has aroused scepticism among users. Are all of them really necessary or is it just a commercial strategy? This is a recurring debate in reference to eye contour products especially. Read on to find out the true role of this controversial product in any given beauty routine.

Key Facts

  • The skin around the eyes has special features that make it different from the skin on the rest of the body. It therefore requires a special kind of care.
  • It’s not recommended to apply just any kind of moisturizer as eye contour. To nourish and benefit this delicate skin, it’s important that the product has the right characteristics and composition.
  • Beyond having great moisturizing powers, eye contour products offer many other beneficial properties. For example, they can have anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions, to name a few.

Ranking: The best eye contour products available on the market

In this section you will find a compilation of the 5 best eye contour products available to you. This information will help you decide which product is the right one for you.

No. 1: All Natural, Bio Cell Eye Gel 30ml

This product from All Natural is made by a Canadian company known for using only the best premium organic ingredients naturally found in Canada. This company is part of an internationally recognized association dedicated to providing all natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free skin care. This formula is loaded with hyaluronic acid, peptide complex blends and plant stem cells.

It’s made with organic and natural ingredients, so it’s recommended for everyone to use. Whether you have normal, oily, dry or even sensitive skin, you won’t have to worry about this gel irritating your skin. It has multiple advanced anti-aging active ingredients to boost collagen, remove dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. Manufacturer directs that its gentle and safe to use both morning and night.

No. 2: Derma-Nu, Eye Wrinkle Cream .5oz

Derma-nu Youth Activating Eye Gel has been formulated with the most potent and highest concentration of clinical-grade organic ingredients to provide maximum benefits. This unique formulation helps reverse the signs of aging by stimulating collagen production around the eyes and plumps the skin filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

This product contains no chemicals and its active ingredients are: Peptides, which provide anti-aging benefits; Hyaluronic Acid, which helps protect and repair tissue; Organic Aloe Vera, which contains powerful antioxidants; and Organic Jojoba Oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Reviewers report seeing optimal results after 30-60 days of consistent use.

No. 3: Olay Eyes, 3 in 1 Ultimate Eye Cream

This formula by the internationally reputable skin care brand is supercharged with peptides and vitamins to renew the skin’s surface over time. Formulated with Olay’s colour-correcting technology, it also acts as a touch of concealer that matches most skin tones. This powerful formula is meant to hydrate, smooth and brighten the eye area.

Olay’s Ultimate Eyes functions as a “Decircler, Dewrinkler and Depuffer” by instantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This water based cream quickly blends with all skin tones to hide black circles. As with most face care products, its recommend to be used in the morning and evening on cleansed skin. As with all skin care products, avoid contact with the eyes, and rinse with water if contact occurs.

No. 4: Beauty by Earth, Organic & All Natural Eye Cream

This product from Beauty by Earth is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging nutrients such as cucumber, coffee, pineapple, sea buckthorn and cranberry extracts to keep the eyes young and fresh. All these anti-aging ingredients sit in a hydrating base of aloe vera, shea butter and vitamin E.

This eye cream is suitable for all skin types, for both men and women alike. Even the most sensitive and oily skin will do great with this treatment that can be used day and night. All the natural and organic ingredients are packed in without the use of parabens, artificial fragrances, dyes or any other harmful ingredients.

No. 5: Premium Nature, Vitamin C Serum

This 20% Vitamin C super strength serum penetrates the deep layers of the skin to promote collagen production to make the skin more smooth and firm. This formula is made to repair UV damage and reduce signs of aging. Like all the other formulas in this ranking, one of the main active ingredients is hyaluronic acid.

This serum is made with 100% natural, paraben free, cruelty free and GMO free ingredients. Premium Nature’s products are made in FDA inspected facilities to ensure the highest standards. Users report a dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines, and having gained smoother and brighter skin after continued use.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about eye creams

In order to make the most informed decision at the time of purchase, you should first understand the main features of this product. Below, we have included the most relevant information, as well as the most frequently asked questions among people who use eye creams.


Eye contour gels are an easy, effective and affordable treatment with few drawbacks. (Source: Ariwasabi: 16663417/123rf.com)

What is eye cream exactly?

Eye contour cream, or simply eye cream, is considered a facial cosmetic. It is a cream specifically designed for a very specific area of the face: the eye contour. You may be wondering if a special cream is actually necessary solely for this region. The short answer is yes. Long answer, the eye contour is a special area with very different skin tissue than the rest of the body.

Experts agree that the skin around the eyes is unique from that of the rest of the face. It is a finer and more delicate skin that makes is susceptible to even the smallest alterations in the environment. The eye contour loses moisture very easily, making it the driest part of the face.

These characteristics make it the area that begins to age the earliest.

This skin has particularities that should be tended to in a targeted manner. Therefore having a product that is dedicated to this area makes sense. Eye contour creams are formulated to combat and reinforce any weaknesses in this area. Moreover, these cosmetic products also provide other beneficial properties which we will discuss ahead.

What are the properties of eye creams that make them beauty products?

Eye creams don’t just merely have moisturizing functions, their role goes far beyond. Its prolonged use provides an anti-wrinkle function, preventing the progression of expression lines. In addition, their moisturizing power make it possible to soften existing signs of aging.

Thanks to the caffeine and other components, these creams also fight dark circles and puffy eyes. Continued use of these products prevents skin deterioration that occurs naturally with age.

The results, although mild and progressive, are long-lasting and evident. In addition, it is an easy and non-aggressive treatment for aging skin.

What components should an eye contour cream include?

The particularities of the skin around the eyes make specific components necessary when caring for it. For this reason, eye creams will only be effective if they include the right ingredients. Moreover, we can even find products with different formulations specific to certain desired effects.

In this sense, if our priority is to combat the signs of aging, we will choose products with anti-wrinkle effects. For example, retinoic acid derivatives, vitamin C and peptides or hyaluronic acid. On the other hand, if the priority problem we want to correct are dark circles and bags, we will need products with caffeine or other anti-inflammatory properties.

The following table summarizes the main components of eye contour creams, along with a brief description of their functions:

Ingredient Function
Retinol Promotes cell turnover and regeneration, anti-wrinkle
Vitamin C Anti-wrinkle, helps fight dark circles
Ceramides Hydration
Hyaluronic acid Anti-wrinkle
Sun Protection Avoid damaging our skin
Caffeine Anti-inflammatory, reduces bags and puff
Peptides Anti-wrinkle
Green tea extract Anti-inflammatory, reduces bags, fights dark circles

When should I start using an eye cream?

A common question among users is when to start using an eye cream. This will depend mainly on the effect you want to obtain. These creams don’t just have one single function, they have multiple properties to treat different aspects of this delicate skin. The right time to start using these creams will vary depending on which properties it contains.

If a product has anti-wrinkle properties for example, the advised age to begin its use is around 25 years old. This is the average age where the first signs of aging begin to appear in men and women. In this case, keep in mind that we should start using this product before the first wrinkles begin to appear. As always, it’s easier and more effective to prevent and delay than to correct.

However, if your main problem is bags and dark circles under the eyes, it’s a little different. There is no set minimum age for starting to use eye cream with anti-inflammatory properties. In this scenario, it’s best to use the product when you need it. If you have bags or circles under your eyes, you are ready to use products to treat the problem as soon as possible.


Contour cosmetic creams are a useful tool to fight dark circles and annoying bags under the eyes. (Source: Bochkarev: 15565594/123rf.com)

How are eye creams applied?

The correct use of eye creams is essential for ensuring good results. In a beauty routine, it should be applied after facial cleansing and toning, being the third step of your routine. Always apply before face moisturizer. The cream should be used morning and evening.

As for the application mode, apply a small amount of product around the eyes and eyelids. Using your ring and middle fingers,gently massage the formula from the inside to the outside of the eye. Make circles around the eyes until it’s completely absorbed. You can also lightly tap your fingers on the skin to activate circulation.


Dermatology and cosmetic specialists recommend daily use of eye creams. (Source: StrenInikova: 64397574/123rf.com)

It is important to emphasize that the best mode of application will differ depending on what problem you’re trying to address. To combat bags, apply it with light dabs going from the outside to the inside of the eye (from the cheekbone to the teardrop). This will help drain excess liquid from the area. In the event of dark circles, the direction of application is reversed: from inside to outside of the eye, to activate circulation.

Can I used any cream as contour eye cream?

Many people are wondering whether using a general moisturizing cream as eye contour cream is good enough. The short answer is no. To elaborate, remember its advisable to avoid applying regular moisturizing creams to the skin around the eyes. These products are not formulated to moisturize the skin of the eye contour. Furthermore, some of their ingredients may even irritate or damage the eyes.

In addition, we must remember that the skin around our eyes has special characteristics. Therefore, if the skin is different, the moisturizer should also be different.

Facial moisturizers lack the necessary components for the proper treatment of the eye contour skin.

What adverse effects can eye creams have?

Because eye cream is a topical treatment and therefore non-invasive, there are very few harmful possible effects associated with the application.. Especially in comparison to the possible adverse effects of more invasive treatments for this area, like surgeries or other more invasive procedures.

As with all cosmetic products, there is always a risk of hypersensitive reactions or allergies. There are people who can be allergic or intolerant to any of the components in the eye cream product. This can be avoided by reviewing the composition of the product and making sure that none of its components could be harmful.

Below is a table summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of using eye creams.

  • Corrects signs of aging
  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Repairs skin
  • Corrects dark circles and bags
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Possible allergic reactions
  • Hypersensitivity

Purchase Criteria

When buying an eye contour product, it’s important to consider a number of aspects in order to make a good choice. Below you will find the most relevant factors to consider when purchasing your cosmetic product:

  • Desired effect
  • Ingredients
  • Application
  • Quality
  • Price

Desired effect

As mentioned in previous sections, eye contour creams can have multiple properties. Therefore, before buying an eye cream, you should ask yourself what effect you want to achieve. There are eye contour products that are more focused on specific issues than others. For example, anti-wrinkle or dark circles corrector.


This aspect is closely related to the previous one. Depending on the results you wish to obtain, you will be interested in whether your cream contains some ingredients over others. There is no standard composition for all eye creams. Ingredients and their proportions vary according to the purpose of each product.

So, if you’re looking for a product to combat the signs of aging, you’ll prioritize creams containing anti-wrinkle compounds. For example, vitamin C, peptides, ceramides or hyaluronic acid. On the other hand, if your priority is to treat the heavy bags, you will need an eye contour cream with caffeine or green tea extract.

The composition of the product is also relevant when considering possible adverse effects. Before purchasing any product, make sure that it doesn’t contain any ingredients that could be harmful to you. There are people who are more susceptible to certain components than others and this should always be kept in mind.


Application is a particularly important aspect when it comes to eye creams. In fact, some of the effects of the product will be more or less enhanced depending on its application method. You will find a great variety of products with very different packaging in the market. Therefore, it is important that you know how to choose the one that suits you best.

In this sense, some creams consist of a roll-on applicator with a cooling effect. This steel head promotes drainage and relieves fluid retention when rolled through the lower eye area. You’ll also find spherical applicators – these regulate how much cream is used and are useful for massaging the area.


This aspect is key for all cosmetic products. You must take into account that the eye cream is meant to be applied on a very delicate area of your skin. Therefore, the products you choose have to be of good quality. Poor product quality can have harmful effects on your health and the appearance of your skin.

In order to be able to tell if a product is of good quality, there are several aspects you can value and consider. For example, making sure it is from a recognized and experienced cosmetics brand often helps. It is also important to pay attention to the list of ingredients and their origin. Finally, customer reviews can also be a very useful tool in this regard.


The cosmetics sector offers a wide range of products with very varied prices. It’s good to keep in mind that a higher price is not necessarily synonymous with a higher quality. It’s important and possible to choose a product that best suits your needs and your budget.


To summarize, we can safely say that it is beneficial to include an eye contour cream in our beauty routine. The skin that surrounds our eyes has special characteristics that require special care. These specific needs cannot be met by a conventional moisturizer. Eye creams provide hydration to this delicate skin while also treating other issues associated with this area.

With this product, you will be able to combat the incipient signs of aging or those annoying bags or dark circles that dull your look. The daily use of this product is recommended by specialists in dermatology and cosmetics to make your eyes shine brighter and look younger and healthier for longer. So, if you’re around 25 or don’t know how to get rid of dark circles and heavy bags, you should be giving these products a try.

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