Putting makeup on these days can be considered a true form of art. Combining multiple products with different textures, shades and presentations requires technique and skill. With so many products, applying in them in perfect harmony and obtaining the asthmatic results we want is not an easy task. For that reason, after putting so much effort and dedication to achieve the desired results, one would hope for and expect lasting results.

Unfortunately, that’s is not always the case, more often than not, makeup will fade with light touch or minimal rubbing. For this reason, areas such as the lips are particularly susceptible to rubbing off and fading quick. What is the solution to this problem you may ask – avoid human contact and stay away from food and drinks while wearing lipstick? Not likely or practical! A better solution: long-lasting lipstick, the perfect tool to end such a dilemma.

Key Facts

  • Long-lasting lipsticks are characterized by their semi permanent and long-wear results.
  • Depending on the format and finish you desire, there are many different types of long-lasting lipsticks to choose from.
  • Aside from their semi permanent results, long-lasting lipsticks offer many other advantages and benefits. For example, these products don’t stain and are highly resistant during wear.

Ranking: The best long-lasting lipsticks on the market

In this section, we have selected and ranked the top 5 long-lasting lipsticks available to you on the Canadian market. In addition, for each product, we have summarized it’s main characteristics to help you compare them so you can choose the best product for you.

No. 1: Maybelline New York, Supper Stay Matte Ink

This product by Maybelline New York has a flawless matte finish. This 30ml lipstick has a long lasting effect that cal last for up to 16 hours. This product is available in 20 rich shades and its liquid format provides a semi permanent ink effect. This basically means that its pigments are strongly fixed to the lips offering an intense and long-lasting colour – This lipstick offers an elegant and sophisticated matte finish.

The manufacturer highlights that its new and improved formula doesn’t dry out, which prevents cracks from happening and the lips form chapping. It incorporates an arrow-shaped applicator that allows the product to be applied with high precision to achieve the best results. Thanks to this applicator, you will be able to achieve complete colour coverage with one single stroke and without the need to reapply.

No. 2: L’Oréal Paris, Infallible Pro Last

This exclusive range of long-lasting lipstick is a consumer favourite. This innovative formula delivers bold, luscious colour that lasts all day long, making the ultimate ally in long-wear makeup. It takes to minutes to apply and the lip colour is set to offer 24 hours of vivid, high definition colour. This 30ml lipstick offers a “freshly applied” look all day long. Moreover, this lipstick is unique in that it offers 2 products, colour pigment and a conditioning lip balm that locks in colour and leaves the lips feeling moisturizer and soft.

Pro tips on using this product: first, the matt pigment must be applied first – it offers smudge and bleed proof colour. Then, once the first coat is done, it’s time to apply the moisture and colour locking balm, which will also works to enhance the colour and provide shine. This combination extends the duration of the results for up to 24 hours. As if that weren’t enough, it doesn’t leave any stains and is highly resistant to rubbing. The result is lips that are juicy, perfect and ready for any type of action.

No. 3: Max Factor, LipFinity

Max Factor offers this LipFinity product in 39 beautiful shades. The 30ml liquid lipstick is recommended for casual and daytime wear. This is a long-lasting lipstick bar that offers a glossy finish and its results remain looking fresh for up to 24 hours after application without the need to reapply. Max Factor has achieved this semi-permanent colour thanks to the products 2 in 1 formulation.

This cosmetic product incorporates a pigmented balm that offers intense and long-lasting colouration. In addition, it has a protective coating that moisturizes and illuminates the lips. This lipstick’s applicator has a curved morphology, which allows it to adapt perfectly to the shape of the lips for easy and precise application. The combination of colour and gloss will give your lips a voluminous, three-dimensional effect – This will give you fleshy, juicy lips.

No. 4: Bourjois, Paris Rouge Velvet

This line of lipsticks form Bourjois Paris offers products in multiple red derived shades. Its formula makes the product soft, with a melting texture that glides on to the lips and turns into a matte, velvety and incredibly luminous colour. This product leaves your lips smooth and soft as velvet. It’s formula is enriched with evanescent oils, it’s incredibly sensuous formula provides a soft, second-skin feel, without drying or fading lips, making this lipstick comfortable to wear all day long.

This 23g lipstick comes in a classic bar format which has a practical teardrop-shaped tip. This detail allows a total coverage of the lips with one single product application. As far as its application is concerned, it is recommended to start from the centre of the upper and lower lip and extend to the corners. This product can be combined with gloss for a more radiant and bold look. This line of lipsticks is highly reviewed by consumers.

No. 5: Maybelline New York, Super-stay 24hr – 2 step lip colour

This product by Maybelline is a 19g long-lasting lipstick bar that comes with a two step application process. This formulation is characterized by containing a perfect balance between the primordial characteristics of a lipstick. It offers intense colouration and a smooth and soft matte finish. Moreover, its built in balm provides maximum hydration to your lips, this ensures that the product doesn’t crumble or cake. Moreover, this lipstick is resistant to fading, bleeding, feathering or transferring. Making it an increasingly comfortable wear product with long-lasting results.

The base of this formula is high intensity pigments that allow for a solid colouration of the lips in one single stroke. Furthermore, its formulation has been enriched with oils and vitamins that have high nourishing and moisturizing powers, leaving lips softer for longer. Last but not least, this product incorporates a pre-base that smoothes the lips surface to facilitate a more smooth and even application. This product is available in 19 gorgeous shades derived form red tones.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about long-lasting or “permanent” lipstick

As with any cosmetic product, it’s always important that before you make a purchase, you know the main characteristics about the product. In this section we have included the most relevant aspects of long-wear lipstick so that you can be properly informed when making your decision. Moreover, we have answered the most frequently asked questions among users.

Woman with permanent lipstick

The main disadvantage of long-lasting lipsticks is that they often leave the lips dry.
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What is long-wear lipstick exactly?

The main and most important characteristic or long-lasting lipsticks is that they provide long-lasting effects. In fact, they can also be literally referred to as “long-wear lipstick”. This property has made these cosmetic products an absolute success in the world of beauty products.

More and more users are opting for permanent lipstick products. These products are very practical and easy to use. Virtually all cosmetic brands offer long-lasting lipstick collections.


Permanent lipsticks are available in a wide variety of presentations and shades – Made to suit all tastes and styles.

Why is the use of permanent lipstick recommended?

Since the appearance of these types of products on the market, long-lasting lipsticks have become more than a sales boom, and are here to stay. This line of cosmetics offers multiple benefits that have captivated the loyalty anyone who has used them. Its main attraction and hook is the duration of the results they provide. Permanent lipstick products don’t require constant retouching – Once applied, its effect is there to stay for the majority of a busy day.

Another great feature of these products is that these lipsticks allow you to carry out any activity throughout your day without having to worry about the condition of its application. Its most prominent strength is its resistance to the elements of your day. The colour and application remain intact after food, drinks and even kisses. As if all this wasn’t enough, long-lasting lipsticks leave no stains or debris on your clothes or teeth.

Lipstick model

The duration of results varies between products, but can be up to 24 hours.
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How long does the effect of long-lasting lipstick remain?

The duration of a permanent lipstick varies between products and formulas. These products are not designed with the same ingredients and compositions, for this reason, they won’t all have the same results and permanence. This specific criteria will depend on the makeup of each individual cosmetic product. Overall, the duration of these types of lipsticks, usually lasts between 8 to 24 hours.

Simply put, long-lasting lipsticks offer colour that stays and lasts for the whole day. It should be noted that for obvious reasons, these results will also vary according to the users wear and activity. For example, you wont see the same results after 8 hours if the user goes with painted lips to a movie or if they pain their lips to go to a banquet. In the latter case, the duration of the lipstick will likely be a bit shorter.

Lilac coloured permanent lipstick

There are permanent lipsticks with different shades and effects.
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What is the difference between long-lasting lipstick and other lipsticks?

Today, the market offers a wide variety of lipsticks. They can be classified according to their presentation or according to the finish they offer. In terms of format, we distinguish between lipsticks bars, pencils, cream, liquids or markers. All of them can provide very different finishes, one of these would be a permanent finish.

Other possible finishes offered by lipsticks are matte, semi-matte, glossy and creamy. Each of these types of finishes offers certain advantages and disadvantages. Below, we have designed a table that summarizes the properties of the different kinds of lipsticks according to the results they provide. This is a visual representation of their pros and cons. cons.

Types of lipsticks according to their type tfinish:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Matte Elegant and sophisticated results that are long-lasting. Tend to dry out the lips.
Semi-matte Opaque, dull and elegant finish. These tend to have of moderate colour duration. Leave the lips more hydrated than matte finishes.
Glossy Versatile, this type can be worn with other lipsticks. They provide a juicy and refreshing effect. Sticky consistency and have a short duration finish.
Creamy Soft and pleasant consistency which provides intense hydration. The finish has a short duration.
Long-lasting Maximum colour duration. They don’t need touch-ups. Great resistance to wear. These tend to cause the most dryness of the lips.

What are the ingredients of a long-lasting lipstick?

You may be wondering what is it that makes permanent lipsticks last longer than the rest. This action is not the result of one miraculous ingredient that prolongs the life of lipstick. The secret is in the entire composition of the cosmetic product. All lipsticks are made up of with many common ingredients. What distinguishes one lipstick from another is the proportions of these ingredients.

All lipsticks include pigments, waxes, oils and active ingredients. Pigments provide colour to the product. Waxes give it a solid consistency and make them easy to apply. The oils allow for smooth coverage while moisturizing the lips. The active ingredients provide a specific function, benefit or characteristic.

Permanent lipstick

Permanent lipsticks are ideal for people looking for makeup that lasts.
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Cosmetic chemistry expert Nick Morante explains that most long-wear lipsticks contain hygroscopic ingredients. This means that they attract and absorb water. This creates a waterproof barrier that fixes and maintains the colour on the lips. The negative side effect from this important property is that it causes the lips to dry out more than other types of lipsticks.

This is because long-lasting lipsticks tend to have fewer oily components since they shorten the permanence and life of the product. However, these oils are the specific components that provide hydration to the lips, so not having as much of them in a formula will result in a lipstick with very long-lasting effects but with little-to-no moisturizing attributes.

What types of long-lasting lipsticks are there?

Permanent lipsticks are available in several different formats. As we have noted in this article, you can find them bar, pencil and liquid consistencies and formats, among others too. On the other hand, in addition to long-lasting results, a common feature of long-wear lipsticks is that they can offer many different finishes.

The most common formats of a long-lasting lipstick product are liquid, pencil and felt-tip pen. However, more and more long-lasting lipsticks are being developed in a bar format. You may be asking, which format is best one? That is totally up to you! Each kind of permanent lipstick has their own attributes and characteristics, which we summarized below.

Types of long-lasting lipstick:

Format Characteristic
In pencil Application can be done with high precision for well defined lips. This application format is practical and simple.
Liquid Exclusive package with applicator included in brush form. Light and pleasant consistency. Simple application.
Marker This product is very easy to use. It provides high precision results at the expense of increased dryness of the lips.
Bar Classic format, widely used. Easy and comfortable to apply. Wide range of colours and finishes. Greater hydration powers.

How is long-lasting lipstick applied?

Because permanent lipsticks have unique characteristics and properties, in order to achieve optimum results, one must take into account certain aspects.when using these types of products certain aspects must be taking into account. Professional makeup artist Ana Albiol offers us her most valuable tricks.

According to the expert, first before applying the product, it is essential to exfoliate and moisturize the lips. Sugar, coffee, poppy seeds or even a soft brush are useful and practical exfoliants. Since permanent lipsticks tend to cause dryness, she advises to follow a daily routine of moisturizing the lips to avoid this side effect.

Woman in salon

Long-lasting lipsticks are also distinguished by their finish.
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Once the lips have been prepped we can begin to apply the lipstick. You should start out by outlining the lips with a lip pencil. In the even that the lipstick comes in the form of a pencil or marker, you can skip this step and proceed straight to applying the long-wear product. Alboil suggests hacking possible cracks by filling out the lips with a lip pencil and blurring the product before applying the lipstick.

After this is done, we can finally begin to paint the lips in sections. This technique will allow you to better control the product application without making mistakes or going outside the lip outline. Finally, the makeup artist suggests a useful trick to help the colour set even more. She recommends applying a light layer of translucent powder on the lips and then reapplying a second layer of the lipstick.

When is it advisable to use long-wear lipstick products?

Permanent lipsticks can be used, as with all other cosmetics, whenever desired. Fortunately, there are no stipulated restrictions on its use. However, there are certain situations in which this type of lipstick can be particularly useful due to its specific characteristics and properties. Permanent lipsticks provide colour that lasts up to 24 hours while the application remaining completely intact.

Consequently, they will be the cosmetic of choice to use on long events during which it’s important to stay looking fresh and done up. Some of these occasions may include celebrations, weddings and even simple parties. These products will let you enjoy the occasion without worrying about the state of your lipstick or having to reapply.

Female Makeup

Long-lasting lipsticks are very versatile.
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However, they can also be used for more informal and casual situations as well. For example, they will be the ideal ally to maintain a flawless image at work. They will also help you make a good impression at conferences, meetings or even at any appointment for which you want to remain presentable. These products are all terrain and can be used and adapted to any type of occasion.

What are the adverse effects of using long-lasting lipstick?

To this day, no serious adverse reactions have been linked to the use of long-lasting lipsticks. However, it is true that this type of lipstick has been associated with a particular drawback: causing dryness. Permanent lipsticks tend to dry out the lips more so than other types of lipstick – this drawback can be quite annoying.

As a result of dryness, the lips may crack and its not uncommon for them to actually begin to peel. In other words, small flakes of dry skin appear as a result of the prolonged use of permanent lipsticks.


Remember that dryness can be remedied and prevented by following a daily moisturizing routine.

What are the disadvantages of using permanent lipstick?

As we have seen throughout this article, long-lasting lipsticks offer multiple cosmetic advantages. These properties distinguish them from the rest and are the main reason for their success. On the other hand, there may also be annoying side effects that come about with the incessant use of such cosmetics. The following table compares its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Results lasting up to 24 hours
  • High intensity colour
  • No stains
  • No running or bleeding of the colour
  • Wide variety of formats and finishes
  • Dry lips

Purchase Criteria

When buying a long-lasting lipstick, it is important that you evaluate some of its aspects. Below, we have included the most relevant factors you should consider before purchasing these products. We want to make sure you make the right choice by choosing the lipstick that best suits your needs. The things to consider are the following:

  • Lip Characteristics
  • Occasion
  • Colour
  • Format
  • Finish

Lip Characteristics

Before choosing your permanent lipstick, you should take a few moments to assess what your lips look like. Each person has different lips, either by size, shape, texture or levels of hydration. This aspect, although at first may seem trivial, will actually have a significant impact in your final choice. Let’s look at some examples.

On the one hand, thin lips will benefit from lipsticks with a matte finish since they tend to give the lips more volume. In the case of fuller lips, you can opt for brighter and more natural finishes – and on the other hand, if your lips are very dry, choose the most moisturizing lipsticks, usually the bar format is the most useful in these cases.


Long-lasting lipsticks can be used whenever desired. However, there are certain occasions when they are specially useful. This would be the case of events that last for many hours, specially if you have to worry about appearances. In these occasions, long-lasting lipsticks will help maintain you lips looking perfect the whole time.

These products can can also come in handy to use for a romantic dinner or dates. This type of lipstick stands out for its great resistance to smuggling and transferring – perfect for these types of occasions when you want to show a radiant and smudge proof mouth.


Permanent lipsticks are a good option whenever you need to keep your makeup intact for long periods of time.


When choosing a lipstick, it is essential to choose the right colour, regardless of how long it lasts. This choice will be influenced by various aspects: personal tastes, type of occasion, time of year and facial features. At the end of the day, it’s clear that you’ll choose the colour that you like the most. Luckily, there is a great variety of shades and lines to choose from.

Moreover, if you are looking for a natural and informal look, light and neutral colours will be your best friends. For evening events or special celebrations on the other hand, opt for the most eye-catching shades. If you’re choosing a product for the season, keep in mind that pink, lively and fresh tones are favoured during summer. In winter, on the other hand, subtle colours, such as browns and deep purples are worn more often.


As we’ve mentioned many times through this article, permanent lipsticks are available in various formats. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which you will have to assess. Bar lipsticks, for example, tend to last less but provide greater hydration. Naturally, they will be useful in the case of dry lips.

If highly accurate results are desired, lip pencils or marker lipsticks are the best choice. They allow you to delicately and accurately delineate the contour of your lips. Liquid lipsticks tend to offer high-intensity results. In all formats, some of the products will incorporate moisturizing balms to counter act their drying effects.


Finally, in addition to various formatting options, long-lasting lipsticks are also distinguished by their finish. Matte, semi-matte, glossy and creamy. Choosing one finish over another will depend fundamentally on your personal preferences. Still, occasion or trends may also play a certain part in shaping your decision.

Keep in mind that matte finishes tend to add a touch of elegance, classiness and sophistication. They also give your lips the look of extra volume. These features make them ideal for high-profile events. Bright lipsticks, on the other hand, have a sparkle of freshness and vitality, making them suitable for informal occasions and on a day-to-day basis.


In short, “permanent lipstick” is a term that falls short when describing this type of product. Its advantages go far beyond longer-lasting results. Enjoying a good meal, having a drink or kissing without having to look out for your lipstick is truly priceless. Now that you have all the information, their benefits are within your reach.

The best part of it all, is that today you can find a huge variety of long-lasting lipsticks in many different colours, formats and finishes. With so much choice, you’re sure to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Today, brands eve offer improved formulas and application tricks to help you prevent their one drawback: dry lips. A small price to pay when the colour on your lips will remain intact for up to 24 straight hours.

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