Have you heard the saying that the eyes are a reflection of the soul? It is also widely known that the skin is a reflection of our insides and our lifestyle. In a world were time seems to go faster and faster each day; few hours of sleep, work overload, unmanageable stress, amounting pressure and responsibilities our lifestyle hardly allows any time to take care of ourselves. All of these things, in one way or another, affect our health and, in turn, our skin.

As a result from these habits and neglect of our health, our skins begin to show signs of it through the appearance of imperfections such as wrinkles, spots, dark circles or bags under the eyes. The early onset of these signs of aging can cause insecurities and discomfort. The soloution? Aside from making long-term changes that will help create change from the inside out, you can manage the symptoms by giving yourself radiant skin with a good foundation. Want to know more? Read and pay attention!

Key Facts

  • Foundation or base makeup are products formulated to correct and sometimes treat imperfections on our face while improving its appearance. There are different types of foundation products varying in format and composition.
  • Foundation products can have many functions that go beyond just covering up any defects of the skin. They may contain specific ingredients which gives them unique properties – these will vary depending on it’s composition.
  • Most makeup foundations can be used on a daily basis and their results can adapted to suit different ocassions. Contrary to popular belief, foundation products don’t damage our skin, on the contrary, they actually provide it with much needed care.

Ranking: The best foundation products on the Canadian market

In this section we go over the best foundation products available to you on the Canadian market. In addition to make their comparison easier, we summarize their main characteristics and benefits. It is our hope this will help you decide which makeup base is the right one for you.

No. 1: Maybelline New York, Fit Me – Matt Plus Poreless

This hydrating formula from Maybelline is an ultra lightweight foundation made for normal to oily skin. It comes in 18 shades that erase pores while matching your natural skin tone. Beyond colour matching, it works to fit and balance the unique texture issues of normal to dry skins. Moreover, this formula has been dermatologist and allergy tested and is completely oil-free.

While some foundations actually accentuate skin imperfections like dry skin, rough patches, etc. – Fit Me Hydrate + Smooth is a hydrating and moisturizing foundation made with an intense “hydra-smoothing” concentrate that, as the name suggests, helps hydrate and smooth skin texture while matching the natural tone of the skin for a luminous, seamless finish.

No. 2: Covergirl, TruBlend Matte Made Foundation

This liquid concealer from Covergirl leaves your skin with a flawless and soft matte finish that is meant to last for up to 12 hours. This product works to help control oil and minimize the appearance of pores. This is a transfer resistant formula that stays put and doesn’t smudge. It’s available in 40 shades that go from light pigmentation to deep tones and shades. In addition this formulation helps regulate sebum levels of the skin, making it the ideal ally against fighting oily skin.

Its formula is developed with flexi-hold technology that creates a strong, yet flexible film on the skin for durability and comfort. It’s light and fresh texture is meant to adapt to the tones of the skin while improving its texture. It provides complete coverage, leaving no room for imperfections. This manufacturer doesn’t test on animals and is now a cruelty free certified brand.

No. 3: L’Oreal Paris, True Match Lumi

This product form L’Oreal Paris comes in 16 shades and it offers luminous, lightweight, buildable coverage with results that last for up to 18 hours. It’s formulated 3 powerful ingredients that work to nurture your skin. The base is 40-Percent pure water, which provides all-day hydration. In addition, it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins C and E to improve the clarity of the skin. Lastly, this formulation contains Liquid Light technology which gives the skin an instant, luminous glow.

This product doesn’t stop at concealing imperfections, it actually works to give the skin the nutrients and moisture it needs to become healthier from the inside out. Consumers report skin is instantly illuminated after one use and after 1 month of continued use, skin is clearer, healthier and more luminous. Moreover, to protect your skin from the sun, it contains SPF 20 and its meant to work with all skin types, inclusive the most sensitive of skins.

No. 4: Rimmel London, Insta Flawless Foundation

This liquid foundation from Rimmel is for combination and oily skin types. It’s formula has been developed by certified dermatology specialists and its meant to provide moderate coverage of the skin, ensuring a natural and radiant look. This cosmetic product is made free of parabens and other irritants and it works to erase dullness of the skin and signs of fatigue.

This product is especially recommended for its powerful stain-erasing effects. It not only effectively covers imperfections of the face, such as annoying sunspots – it also works to prevent their development by including sunscreen in its formulation. Moreover, it’s ultra-lightweight formula leaves skin hydrated for up to 24hrs. With this makeup base your skin will be free of blemishes while staying fully protected.

No. 5: TML, Flawless Colour Changing Foundation

This Flawless Colour Changing Foundation is a revolutionary and new liquid foundation that goes on white and instantly self-adjusts to accurately match your skin tone. This unique color-matching formula protects and moisturises the skin as it works to even out complexion imperfections. This foundation contain SPF 50 sun protection to shield the sensitive skin of the face from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, it’s matte finish is especially resistant: it leaves no stains and its not transferred with rubbing.

It is designed for daily use and the manufacturer guarantees it will give your skin an illuminating silky finish other foundations just don’t provide. It’s exclusive formula is made of technology that contains shade-sensing beads, these are encapsulated pigments that are made to deliver perfect shade transformation by blending into skin. This dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic product is available in 3 skin tone-adjusting shades and it’s suitable for all skin types.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about makeup foundation

In order to get the best product to suit your needs, it’s important that you know it’s main aspects and most important characteristics. In this section we have included some relevant information regarding base makeup, including the most frequently asked questions from buyers.

Woman with base makeup

Each foundation product will offer specific properties depending on the product.
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What is makeup foundation or base makeup exactly?

Base makeup is a cosmetic product designed to correct facial imperfections. It is considered to be a “must have” item in any makeup routines. These types of product are available in liquid, powder and cream formats. It works by providing a touch of pigmentation which is meant to even out the tonality of the skin while covering any flaws and imperfections.

In general, these types of products are designed for daily use and often provide very natural results. Despite the fact that concealing imperfections is their main function, foundation products also have other lesser known qualities.


Foundation products enhance natural face features and works to improve the results of any subsequent makeup that is applied.

Why is the use of foundation recommended when wearing makeup?

Base makeup can provide multiple cosmetic benefits to facial skin. These products improve the appearance of the skin on different levels. For starters, they work on the surface providing a natural and effective coverage that masks even the slightest imperfections. On this level they can improve and correct the look blemishes, wrinkles, scars, acne and many other issues.

In addition, a good foundation will enhance the facial features of each user, favoring and highlighting natural beauty. Thanks to its pigmentation ingredients, the skin of the face ends up with an even and radiant tone leaving no room for signs fatigue. These types of products are ideal on days when the skin is looking dull and lifeless.

Types of foundation

The use foundation creates a healthy and radiant looking complexion.
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Finally, a lot of products go one step further, including in their formulation other properties and active ingredients that work to restore balance in the skin, making it healthier from the inside out. For example, these products may include moisturizers and nutrients, which are meant to revitalize facial skin. Some bases even incorporate sun protection and other protective factors. In short, they are a triple threat product: beautifying, treating and protecting our skin.

What types of ingredients do foundation products contain?

The ingredients and components of each foundation will depend on several factors. One of the main factors will be its consistency (powder, liquid, cream). Moreover, they may also include more specific ingredients according to the cosmetic functions of each foundation product. Last but not least, the composition of the base may vary depending on the type of skin for which it’s intended.

Liquid base foundation

Base makeup products act on the aspects of our skins that need it the most.
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However, we can group the different components of foundation products into three broad categories. These are: pigments, emulsifiers and solvents. Pigments add colour to the product. The emulsifiers favour the union of the different components and it’s fixation capabilities. Solvents provide the desired consistency of the product.

The different types of bases we can distinguish between will emerge largely depending on the proportion of these ingredients and its main components. Keep in mind, there are bases with specific ingredients which gives them specific properties.

For example, matifying compounds for oily skins, moisturizing substances for dry skins and many, many more.

What types of foundations are there?

Currently, the market offers various types of base products. They can be classified according to their format, composition or function. Next, we will detail the types of bases according to their format, as it is the most common and useful classification. According to this criterion, we can distinguish between liquid, cream, powder and bar base foundations.

Liquid bases are the most widely used. They provide varying coverage and there options that serve each skin type. However, their results are short-lived and won’t last very long. On the other hand, cream foundation products provide great hydration and it is for this reason they are recommended to people with dryer skin, and not advised for people with greasy and oily skins. These products can be creamy or mousse-like in texture.

Makeup shades

All in all, makeup bases provide comprehensive care of face.
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Moreover, powder bases are ideal for oily skins due to their mattifying results. These products can be combined with liquid foundation products to make their results last longer. Last but not least we can find foundation in bar format, this presentation is rare. They are usually for professional use due to their complex application process. These products provide very dense coverage that can be excessive and harmful to the skin they’re not used correctly.

Next, we can distinguish between different types of base makeup according to their formulation. This aspect, in addition to format, will condition the function of the product as well as it’s results.

The following table shows the different types of foundation according to their formulation. We have included their main ingredients and each of their functions in a more visual presentation:

Type of foundation Main ingredients Functions
Oil-based Oils or emollients.They provide a dense, opaque coating, masking any imperfections.
Alcoholic-based Denatured alcohols Extremely light consistency that does not hide pores. Ideal for skin with acne.
Powder base Powder (talc). Provide dense coverage with mattifying a effect.
Mineral base Minerals (mica, bismuth, titanium, zinc) Varying and skin-friendly coverage. Indicated for sensitive skins or with any pathologies.
Water-based Water and emulsifiers Provide an intermediate coating with a more natural and less greasy finish.
Silicone based Silicones Light texture and easier to apply, long lasting results.

How long does the effect of foundation makeup last?

As we have seen, makeup bases have the power to give our face a fantastic and healthy look. But how long do these magic effects last? This frequently asked question among users doesn’t really have one definite answer. The lasting effect of these products will vary depending on different factors such as the lifestyle and activity levels of each person, the type of skin and finally which base is in question.

It is logical that the duration of the results will be shorter if certain activities are carried out during wear. For example, physical exercise or tasks that involve contact with the face or excess sweating. In addition, each skin type is different and will be better or worse at retaining makeup. In this sense, oily skins tend to consume the product more quickly, shortening the effects of it’s duration.

Female makeup

Now it is possible to carry on with the stress of our day to day with a radiant complexion.
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In conclusion, the duration of foundation products is not the same for all of them. Some products have more permanent results than others. Furthermore, even with long lasting foundation products, there are different ranges between them. These types of products may offer results that last between 12 and 24 hours, depending on all the factors described above.

When should I use makeup foundation?

Foundation makeup is designed for everyday use. It is a very versatile cosmetic product that can be applied in any type of situation. For example, they are very useful for creating a fresh, radiant face complexion on a typical work day. On the other hand, they can also be the perfect base for a more dramatic evening look.

We should note that the reasons for wearing foundation on a daily basis are not just merely aesthetic. Keep in mind that many of them incorporate sun protection in their formulation. They also contain other nurturing compounds, such as moisturizers or seboregulators. Thus, they allow you to look fantastic while also helping you achieve and maintain healthy skin day after day.

How is foundation makeup applied?

The correct application of a foundation is an art in itself. For flawless application, it won’t be enough to just distribute and drag the product on the face. Mastering and using the right technique is super important. If you don’t know what technique we’re talking about, read on for everything everything you need to kno.

The first step in applying a base product correctly is choosing the right product according to your skin tone and desired results. Once the product has been chosen, the skin must be properly prepared. Before applying the base, the skin must be well cleansed and hydrated. This will help the products fixation onto the skin. Next, begin by making any corrections to your complexion with concealing products. For example, concealing dark circles or acne and also contouring the face.

Apply makeup base

Concelaing makeup can be applied with a brush, makeup sponge or your own hands.
(Source: Takehana: 15994633/123rf.com)

The next step is the distribution of the foundation. Start by choosing a tool for application (brush, blending sponge or your own fingers). Place a small amount of product on the top of your non dominant hand and dip your chosen tool into the product. Begin to apply product to the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin) and extend it from the center to the periphery, all the way to the hairline and on the neck.

It is important that you distribute the product well and gently over the entire surface of the face. Try not to leave any uncovered areas. Try to blend the edges well so that no change in colour is noticeable between face and neck. Finally, you can finish by doing any retouching you consider necessary, et voila! Your complexion will be impeccable in a matter of minutes.

What adverse effects can the use of foundation products have on us?

It is a popular misconception that foundation makeup ruins the skin. However, this is simply not true. As experts in the field explain, most of the negative effects of this type of makeup are caused by no using the product correctly. For example, the use of products that are not suitable to your skin type or not removing makeup in a timely manner.

The truth is that base makeup doesn’t damage our skin, on the contrary – It protects it against harmful external agents, hydrates it and certain compositions even make it possible to treat certain skin conditions. On the other hand, it is true that some unwanted reactions have been described from the use of foundation. Next, we will further elaborate on these rare side effects.

Makeup brushes

With a good base, there will be nothing standing in the way of achieving a flawless complexion.
(Source: Pogrebkov: 43932867/123rf.com)

Dermatologists explain that certain foundations can contribute to certain acne conditions worsening. This is due to the fact that some products can cliff pores, mostly in oily skins that are already prone to acne. In order to prevent this from happening, dermatologists recommend using non-comedogenic products. Furthermore, this can also prevent some people from developing allergic or hypersensitivity reactions to certain components in the product.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using makeup foundation?

Belo you can see all the pros and cons of using foundation makeup as base:

  • Corrects imperfections
  • Enhances features
  • Hydrates the skin of the face
  • Provides protection against external agents
  • Possible worsening of acne
  • Allergic reactions

Purchase Criteria

When choosing your base makeup, it’s important to consider some important aspects. In this next section, we have included the most relevant characteristics to keep in mind before purchasing these types of products. Keeping these things in mind will help ensure you make the best decision by choosing the base that best suits your needs. The criteria to consider are:

  • Tint tone
  • Texture
  • Composition
  • Type of skin
  • Desired results and coverage

Tint tone

The main criterion to consider when choosing a foundation is its tint colour. For the most natural results possible, the pigments should match those of your skin tone as accurately as possible. It is especially important not to choose a shade that is too dark. The difference between the colour of the face and the rest of the body would be clearly visible.

Choosing the right tone with the naked eye can be very difficult. For this reason, we advise that you do a tint test before commiting to buy a product. To do this, apply a small amount of the product in question to the inside of your forearm or the skin on the neck. Matching the colour of these areas is the best way to check if the colour of the foundation is right for your skin tone.

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Throughout this article you have seen that there are different types of foundations that can be differentiated according to their format (liquid, creamy, powder and bar). The finish of the product will depend on the texture of the foundation you choose. Depending on the format you choose, the product will provide more or less dense coverage. For example, if you are looking for a natural effect, liquid bases are the best choice given their lightness.

In the case of oily skins, your best bet would be a base powder since these have matifying powers that would neutralize excess oil.

For full coverage, stick or bar foundation is the most recommended. In short, texture is an aspect of great relevance when choosing the ideal foundation. Make sure to choose the one that best suits your skin type and the results you desire.


The composition of the product is an essential aspect to consider when acquiring a foundation base. The ingredients of each formulation will determine several aspects, both cosmetic and health related. This means that the results obtained from the product you choose will largely depend on its composition. Concerning cosmetic results, the ingredients will determine whether you can achieve a natural, matte or glossy finish, among others.

In addition, certain bases contain specific components that give them specific beneficial properties. In this sense, the most common benefits we can find are moisturizing, anti-aging, sebum regulatory or even SPF protection. Finally, this criteria is of utmost importance for people with allergies or sensitive skins, since the composition of the cosmetic can contribute to the development of allergic reactions or causing acne.

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In short, this is not an aspect you should overlook, it’s essential to spend the necessary time reviewing the composition of a foundation product before purchasing it. By doing so, you will ensure you achieve your desired results. In addition, this will help you avoid unwanted reactions such as allergies, seborrhea or acne. As you can see, all these reason make this a vital criterion to keep in mind.

Type of skin

When you’re buying a makeup base, you need to take into account the specific characteristics and needs of your skin. Not all skins are the same and therefore they do not all have the same needs. For example, you should assess if your skin is oily, combination, dry or sensitive. This is an indispensable aspect to consider if you suffer from any skin alterations such as acne, rosacea or dermatitis.

Once these aspects have been evaluated, you should choose the makeup base that will best suit the needs of your skin. In case of dry skin, cream bases will provide your skin with the necessary hydration to keep it healthy. On the other hand, in the case of oily skins it is advisable to use liquid or powder bases – these will balance out excess sebum in the skin. Last but not least, to prevent acne, opt for noncomedogenic products.

When possible, remember to always use a foundation with sunscreen, this will help prevent sun spots and slow down any signs of aging.

Desired results and coverage

Finally, it’s important to ask yourself what is it that you want to achieve with the use of base makeup. In other words, what will you use it for and how do you want your skin to look after its application. In this sense, a foundation that’s meant for daily use is not the same as one made for a special event. Every occasion merits the use of one product over the other.

For example, a day-to-day base should offer as natural a finish as possible and provide less coverage. Liquid bases, especially water-based ones, may be useful for this purpose. On the other hand, if we have to go to a particularly important event, we will look for the most professional results and mayor coverage. Stick bases would be a good option in these occasions.


As you may have noticed by now, foundation products are essential cosmetics in any beauty routine. They give the face a healthy, luminous and fresh look. Not only that, they work to erase the slightest trace of fatigue, as well as any type of imperfections. As if that weren’t enough, they also adapt to the needs of each skin type providing wonderful results.

Beyond that, their versatility in use and options make these types of products very appealing to users. You can count on finding the right foundation product for every occasion: a day at work, a family outing or a big celebration. Last but not least and contrary to popular belief, base makeup does not harm our complexion. It actually cares for it inside and out.

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