There are obvious cosmetic advantages to wearing makeup. It enhances our features, makes us feel safer, more attractive and corrects imperfections. However, makeup has one big disadvantage: having to remove it. Removing makeup is often very difficult. It usually requires several products to get the job done, it’s time-consuming and most times it causes damage to the skin.

Fortunately, a revolutionary product has been created to finally end the battle to remove makeup: micellar water. You’ve probably heard of this cosmetic formula. If so, you probably already know that micellar water is much more than just a make-up remover. If you haven’t, worry not! In this article we present to you its multiple beneficial properties.

Key Facts

  • Micellar water is a product with multiple noteworthy properties: it removes makeup, cleanses, tones and hydrates the skin.
  • It’s application is very simple and doesn’t require rinsing away the product or rubbing and tugging of the skin.
  • There’s infinite types of micellar water, made to accommodate all the different types of skin.
  • Micellar water is not only meant to be applied on skin. I can also be used on the eyes a lips.

Ranking: The best micellar water products on the market

In this section you will find a compilation of the 5 best micellar water products available to you on the Canadian market. In hopes to facilitate your search, we’ve summarized and highlighted the characteristics that make each one of these products unique and note-worthy, now all you have to do is find the right one for you.

No. 1: Garnier, SkinActive Waterproof Make-Up Cleansing Water (400ml)

This All-in-1 cleanser contains Micellar technology and is surprisingly powerful yet gentle to skin. It effectively removes even waterproof makeup, while simultaneously cleansing the skin. Like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil and makeup without the need of harsh rubbing. As a result, you are left with soft skin that is perfectly clean and toned.

This product comes in a 400ml bottle and has an option for sensitives skins – neither of which contains alcohol, oil, fragrances or other irritants. Alongside its toning, replenishing and cleansing properties, this 4 in 1 product works to deeply moisturize the skin. It is effective for removing the most stubborn remains of makeup, even waterproof and long-lasting formulas.

No. 2: Garnier, SkinActive All-in-1 Micellar Water – Travel Size (3.4 fl. oz.)

This 3.4 fl. oz. micellar water is designed for all skin types. This is the travel size option of one of the best selling micellar water products in Canada. It’s small size makes it ideal for taking with you everywhere, allowing you to take care of your skin regardless of where you are. This product has cleansing properties that nourish the face, eyes and lips.This all-in-1 cleanser is surprisingly powerful yet gentle to skin.

It effectively removes makeup, cleanses and refreshes skin without the need of harsh rubbing. It contains Micellar technology, which easily captures and lifts away dirt, oil and makeup without the need of physical aggravation. It leaves skin perfectly clean, hydrated and refreshed without drying it out. This product is free of harsh oils, alcohol, fragrances, sulphates and parabens, which makes it ideal for use on sensitive skins.

No. 3: Simple, Kind to Skin Cleansing Water (198ml)

This 198ml of natural micellar water is an advanced facial cleanser, yet it is gentle on even the most sensitive skins. It cleanses and purifies the skin while toning and providing deep hydration. This triple purified water contains multi-vitamins to nourish the skin at the same time that it cleanses it. It’s been proven to unclog pores as well as it removes makeup.

It provides a decongestant effect to our skin, which prevents irritation and protects it from the outside environment. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven, with excellent results. Simple’s micellar water contains no artificial perfumes or dyes, no animal derived ingredients and no harsh chemicals that could upset your skin. This product is vegan friendly and especially safe for those with sensitive skin.

No. 4: La Roche-Posay, Micellar Water Ultra (13.5 fl. oz.)

This micellar water from La Roche is ideal for all skin types, even oily and sensitive skins. It is known for its ability to thoroughly remove any type of makeup, along with impurities and dirt from the skin without the need for excessive physical force on such delicate skin. This formula works in harmony with our biom to maintain the proper pH balance of our skin.

This product is made without soaps, dyes, alcohols and parabens. It is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested to guarantee that it is suitable for sensitive skin and eyes, without compromising quality. Consumers of all types report this cleanser is very gentle and effective.

No. 5: Bioderma, Snsibio H2O Micellar Water (500ml)

H2O is the first and only dermatological micellar water perfectly compatible with all skins. Sensibio H2O is an all-in-one cleansing solution and makeup remover that actively promotes healthy skin each day, while respecting the vulnerability of the most sensitive skins. It eliminates impurities from your face and around your eyes in one single step, without rinsing. It even works on waterproof makeup.

This 500ml micellar water respects the fragility of our epidermal tissue, especially the sensitive skin in our face. Sensibio honours the skin’s hydrolipidic film so it feels great when applied. It’s made fragrance, alcohol, paraben and oil free – it’s a hypoallergenic product. Consumer reviews are very positive, asserting that this product works great on all types of skin.

Shopping Guide: Everything you shoud know about micellar water

It’s essential that before you buy a micellar water product, you know and understand it’s main characteristics. Ahead, we have included the most relevant things to know about this product so that you can be informed at the time of purchase. In this section we will also address the most frequently asked questions among users.

Micellar Water1

Don’t worry about oily, dry, or acne-prone skin. Micellar water adapts to your skin type.(Fuente: Kachmar: 68415092/

What is micellar water exactly?

Micellar water is a revolutionary cosmetic product designed to cleanse and care for facial skin. It is a liquid substance similar to water, formulated from micelles, hence its name. Its triple cleansing, toning and moisturizing action has made it one of the most popular beauty products today.

Unlike tap water, micellar water has a composition specifically modified to care for our faces’ delicate skin.

Micellar water lacks lime, chlorine or other potentially irritating substances. In addition, its formula rich in micelles gives it great cleasing action. All in all, it enables us to truly purify our complexion in a non abrasive way.

How does micellar water work?

The power behind micellar water is based on its key element: micelles. But what is a mycelium? Micelles are chemical structures whose molecules are arranged in a circle. Its outer portion attracts fat and repels water, while the inner part works vice versa. Because of this, micelles are polarized elements.

Thanks to their structure, micelles are able to attract fat molecules like a magnet. They are able to pull all the dirt of our skin and emulsifies it with the help of water. In other words, micelles capture the fat from our skin and retain it inside their structure. When they mix with water it makes it possible to wash away and remove all dirt with it.

Micellar Water

Forget about using multiple products to cleanse your face and move on to the power of micelles. (Source: Stankevych: 80910033/

Keep in mind that micelles are solid structures and it is thanks to this that they cannot pass through the pores of our skin. Therefore, the captured impurities will not be reabsorbed by the skin, they will instead be washed away and eliminated. In short, micellar water allows us to remove impurities from the skin in a simple, effective and risk-free way.

Why is the use of micellar water recommended?

There are many reasons why the use of micellar water is widely recommended. The beneficial properties of micelles go much farther than just its powerful purifying effects. Micellar water works extremely well as a waterproof make-up remover. They are great at facilitating the easy removal of any remaining makeup particles – that means without having to rub the skin.

Its soft and non-invasive composition makes it gentle enough so that it can also be applied to the eyes and lips without the need for other products. Moreover, micellar water has toning properties which make the skin is smoother and brighter, without requiring the use of an additional tonic. Last but not least, this is a product that’s does not require rinsing, which helps lock in moisture to help avoid dryness.

Micellar Water

The application of micellar water is very simple.(Fuente: Stankevych: 89512142/

Finally, in addition to cleansing and toning, micellar water provides hydration to the face. This is a very important aspect when trying to combat the dryness that results from the use of make-up, for example. With micellar water, our skin will be purified, toned and hydrated – all with one product. Without a doubt your skin will look healthier and brighter.

When should I use micellar water?

Because micellar waters composition is gentle and non abrasive to our skin, it can be used at any time of the day and as many times as one wishes. However, there are times when it is especially advisable to use micellar water, for example it is useful to use it first thing in the morning and at night to start and end the day with clean, toned and hydrated skin.

Throughout the night, our skin accumulates sebum and other impurities. Therefore, it is advisable to use micellar water when waking up to purify the face of such dirt.

On the other hand, during the day the skin is exposed to multiple external agents, such as toxins and pollution as well as makeup or other cosmetics. For this reason, it may be more beneficial to use micellar water at the end of the day. This will allow the removal of toxins, make-up residues and impurities present in our skin, while also providing hydration to the skin and balancing out excess sebum.


All things considered, the use of micellar water is beneficial and appropriate for any time of the day.

How is micellar water applied?

Among the many advantages of micellar water, is its ease of application – all you need is a cotton ball! It’s as simple as pouring a small amount of micellar water on the ball, then simply apply it to the skin gently, making circular movements or light dabs on the skin.

It is not necessary to drag the cotton or rub the skin aggressively. Micellar water is a powerful make-up remover and cleaner that does not require mechanical force to act. For a thorough cleansing, you can also wipe your eyes and lips with it. Once the process is complete, it is advisable to use clarifying lotion, this will enhance the moisturizing effect of micellar water.

Micellar Water

Micellar water is a very safe cosmetic. No adverse reactions derived from its use have been identified.(Fuente: Akz: 56705002/

Are there several types of micellar water?

As with other cosmetic products, there is no single type of micellar water. Each person’s complexion is different and, therefore, will require products that have certain specific characteristics. For this reason, different kinds of micellar water have been developed. These are adapted to the requirements and needs of each type of skin.

There are micellar waters for normal, oily and combination skins, also sensitive skins that are dry and inflamed. At the end of the day, the active mechanism of the product will be same, in other words, it will always act as cleanser, toner and moisturizer. However, the different products will also provide specific benefits to the type of skin for which it was intended.

The following table summarizes the different types of micellar water, along with their specific characteristics.

Type Properties
For normal skin Cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Gives a healthy and luminous appearance to the skin.
For oily and combination skin Free of oils and greasy products. Matifying, sebum regulating and balancing effect.
For sensitive skin Formulated with neutral pH and rich in soothing agents to prevent skin irritation.
For skin with redness or rosacea Consists of specific compounds that regulate vasodilatation, reducing skin redness. Made with soothing and decongestant agents.
For dry skin Rich in moisturizing substances that promote water retention and prevent it’s dissipation.

What adverse effects does the use of micellar water entail?

Micellar water is a very safe product to use. Its formulation is free of irritating or toxic compounds that can damage our skin. In addition, since its use does not require rubbing or tugging of the skin, in turn it prevents the irritation that often occurs from aggressively handling sensitive skin. For this reason, no adverse reactions from the use of micellar water have been reported.

However, as with all cosmetics, it is important to review certain important criteria before using them. This is a particularly important task for people with diagnosed dermatological pathologies or those who suffer from allergies. In these situations, although the risk is negligible, it’s advisable to consult an expert before using micellar water for the first time.

  • Cleanses and purifies the skin
  • Moisturizing action, prevents dryness
  • Provides luminosity
  • Effective makeup remover
  • No adverse effects have been described

Purchase Criteria

When acquiring micellar water, it’s important that you evaluate certain factors. Below, we have included the most relevant characteristics that you should consider before purchasing this product. We hope this information will enable you to make an informed decission so you can choose the micellar water that best suits your needs.

  • Type of skin
  • Product Composition
  • Quality
  • Aroma
  • Packaging

Type of skin

The main aspect you should consider when buying micellar water is the type of skin you have. As mentioned above, there are different types of micellar water with specific functions and properties aimed for specific skin types. Although its effect and action will be the same, careful consideration of the various kinds available will give you insight on the varying properties that could benefit your complexion.

Keep in mind that if your skin becomes red or irritated right away, that is a clear indicator that you have a more sensitive skin type and should be using a more gentle product, choose your micellar water accordingly. On the other hand, if your skin produces a lot of sebum and has a lot of shine, it will be more beneficial for you to buy a micellar water product with a sebum regulating effect and intended for oily or combination skins.

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When I started dabbling into skincare in the 2010s, I never really paid attention to micellar waters, even during the Bioderma boom. I was team cleansing oil. I always thought my first-ever makeup remover was the Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil; yet in fact it was the Lancôme Eau Micellaire Douceur (now Eau Fraiche Douceur MCW). Fast forward a few years, I felt the need to give micellar waters another go, and I decided to start from the drugstore: Garnier. My first purchase was Sensitive (Pink) and I felt happy with the product. I had the impression that all micellar waters have poor cleansing ability, so it did exceed my expectation. Second one was (Blue) and while it does contain alcohol, it didn't dry out my already dry skin. This left almost zero residue on my skin, truly refreshing. My latest purchase is the Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water, a bi-phase formula. I assumed there won't be much difference (wrong). This one removes waterproof mascara, even when some of my cleansing oils and balms won't. A total keeper. ❓ Do you use micellar waters? Tell me your story! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🇮🇩 Dulu aku sama sekali nggak ngelirik yang namanya micellar water, bahkan punya kesan kalau micellar water nggak ampuh bersihin wajah. Tapi akhirnya aku penasaran juga coba-coba micellar water lagi, dan pilihan jatuh ke Garnier. Pertama beli yang botol Pink, langsung kepincut karena menurutku hasilnya termasuk bersih dan nggak ada reaksi negatif. Kedua, jajal yang botol Biru. Meski ada kandungan alkohol, varian ini nggak bikin kulitku tambah kering. Dibanding yang sebelumnya, varian ini nyaris nggak meninggalkan residu sama sekali di kulit. Varian terakhir, Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water, formula bi-phase. Sempet agak pesimis karena bagian oil-nya kok dikit (bawel ya aku) tapi setelah coba… Langsung jadi favorit. Secara bisa ngehapus maskara waterproof gitu… Bahkan cleansing oil/balm yang aku punya gak selalu bisa hapus waterproof eye makeup. ❓Kalian pakai micellar water nggak? Yuk cerita-cerita!

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Product Composition

This is an aspect closely related to the previous one. The components of micellar water will determine its function. For example, there are products with a more or less of moisturizing effect and different balancing agents, among others characteristics. You will have to evaluate what results you want to obtain, you can then find which product is best suited to meet your needs. Of course, making sure to always take potential adverse effects into consideration.


If you have allergy problems, it’s best to opt for natural products.


When choosing a cosmetic product, it is always important to consider whether it is of good quality or from a reputable brand. Despite being a very safe cosmetic, poor quality micellar water can damage our skin. To ensure the quality of the product you choose, it is advisable to consult expert opinion and the opinions and reviews of other users.

One indicator of a good quality product is whether or not it has been dermatologically tested. It is also useful to check whether it has been approved by health authorities or cosmetic laboratories. Another aspect to consider is the brand or manufacturer. Products are always more reliable when the producers specialize in cosmetic products.


The micellar water, besides giving a sensation of freshness, cleanliness and toning, it also leaves the skin with a certain aroma. Each type of micellar water is accompanied by a specific perfume. This is one more aspect to take into account when acquiring this cosmetic product. Generally, these aromas tend to be light, fresh and gentle.

In the summer months, it may be more appropriate to use a lightly citric and fresh-smelling micellar water. In cold weather, however, floral and warm aromas may be preferable. Of course, it’s also a matter of taste, you may very well end up choosing an unscented variation. In short, before getting your micellar water, make sure you choose your preferred fragrance.


Finally, you should consider the size of the bottle or container the micellar water is packaged in. Overall, you can always find bottles in larger or smaller sizes, made of plastic and with different application caps. Moreover, some manufacturers offer a convenient applicator package, which makes the product easier to use and helps reduce waste. You can also find micellar water that comes in spray format if such thing tickles your fancy.

The amount within the container should also be taken into account. Many companies offer travel sized amounts and containers that you’re able to carry with you wherever you go. All these decisions will depend on how and where you want to use the product. So, before making your final purchase, think about what type of packaging will be the most comfortable and convenient for you and your lifestyle.


In conclusion, micellar water is a revolutionary cosmetic that has gained popularity due to its “all-purpose and all-terrain” properties. A unique product that acts as a cleanser, makeup remover, toner and moisturizer – What more could you ask for? As if that weren’t enough, micellar water is very gently to our skin, and has no reported adverse effects.

Micellar water has arrived to put an end to the torment of removing make-up and purifying our facial skin. With a simple touch of a micellar water cotton ball, our complexion will be clean, cared for and free of impurities, as if by magic! In addition, the sensation of freshness and purity that it provides is incomparable to that of any other make-up removers. With micellar water, the annoying disadvantages of using makeup vanish.

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